About Us

NewCO2Fuels Ltd., founded in 2011, commercializes a technology conceived by the late Prof. Jacob Karni’s laboratory at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Prof. Karni and his team conducted eight years of research on high-temperature CO2 dissociation and showed that the technology has the ability to convert CO2 into fuels.

Funding for NewCO2Fuels is provided by ErdiFuels, a subsidiary of the Erdi Group of Melbourne, Australia.
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The Weizmann Institute of Science, in Rehovot, Israel, from which NewCO2Fuels licensed the technology, is one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary research institutions. The Institute serves as a meeting place for scientists from different disciplines, setting the stage for multidisciplinary collaborations and the emergence of new research fields. To encourage this creative activity, the Institute has created some 50 multidisciplinary research centers. These centers stimulate activity in a wide range of fields, including brain research, cancer research, nanotechnology, renewable energy sources, experimental physics, biological physics, environmental studies, autoimmune disease research, plant sciences, photosynthesis, and genetics.
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