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Coal to Liquid and Coal to Chemical plants

Coal-to-liquid (CTL) plants convert coal into synthetic fuels or other chemicals. Coal-to-Substitute Natural Gas (CTSNG) plants gasify coal and produce methane. Both processes use coal gasification technologies to gasify with the aid of oxygen to produce syngas, which it then transforms into fuels or other chemicals, using technologies like Fischer Tropsch. These plants are high emitters of CO2, produced during the gasification stage and separated at high purity.

NewCO2Fuels can convert these CO2 emissions into syngas according to the ratio required for the plant’s final product, and inject the syngas into the existing syngas-to-fuel or syngas-to-chemical facility. At the same time, NCF can supply the plant with oxygen for its gasification process, thus reducing the ASU required capacity and the associated operation cost.

Advantages for CtL Plants from NCF Technologies:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • CO2 emissions used as feedstock
  • Increased capacity of current production
  • Produces synthetic fuels
  • Clean energy source
  • Provides oxygen to the facility
  • Enhances revenues sources
  • Lowers actual costs